I've dealt with this guy since I was a teenager. He's a horrible person who, I think would kill his own brother for a few bucks. Do not trust him!! This guy sucked me into dealing drugs when I was 12 years old.

He's had many sexual encounters with under aged woman during that time, and helped destroy numerous families with cocaine, all so he could make a quick buck! Recently he sued his family estate out of no other reason than greed!!

He was given millions but wanted more so he forged documents, made false signatures of he's (God Bless His Soul!) deceased father, and got people to commit perjury in hopes for money. Ultimately he won the law suite because we want him out of our family so bad we'd do almost anything! He gladly denounced his family name to take the money! If there is a ***, surely it is well suited for Dana Popick!

I've never meet such a dishonest, deceptive, and greedy person in my life! He has ruined countless lives but don't let him ruin yours too!!!! DON'T TRUST DANA POPICK, YOU WILL PAY!!

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Yes and yes and yesAll the above is true and if it was resolved, Dana gave him money to change it all.Most dishonest man on earth. Even his household they are all sued and chased by debit collector and iRS

Ashland, Oregon, United States #1210408

At the time I wrote this, there was a lot of false information about Him that provoked me to write it. Now time has passed and I can say, we all make mistakes, and are imperfect.

Dana is an intelligent person, who had a good sense of emotional balance, and cared about his family. My mother, the spearhead of dispute, didn't care about my well-being as a child.

Dana stepped in, teaching me to drive, inviting me to social gatherings, and other things, like taking me skiing to Mt. Hood.

Kim, who provoked me to anger, with lies, into writing such a scathing review, manipulated me into it, and others.

I'll be mailing an official letter to so it can be removed!

He and others not conforming to Kimberlie's unattainable, outrageous demands, should not have to suffer continuously for them.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1206570

I totally agree with this comment. I dealt with this guy when I hired him to build my house.

It was a nightmare.

He threatened my safety to get what he want, but I did not back down. Never get close to this guy.


This piece of **** has passed bad checks to contractors too! Why do business with this low life!!!


Stay away from this guy! He will "screw" you with a smile on his face!

I think he is got a few missing screws! Do not work for him!

to A ***ed ***tractor Portland, Oregon, United States #886159

I agree 200%. Dana Popick is the devil in disguise!

Do not work for this freak unless you want to get screwed in the end and work for no pay.

I posted something similar on craigslist and the people, both contractors and employees wrote to me in droves saying how they were screwed by this low life. Any potential home buyer I hope researches this piece of low life garbage.

to A ***ed ***tractor #969008

This company and Dana Popick are bad news. Do not ever work for this POS if you want to be paid. He sees himself as a big developer, talks a good line but he lives in a rental and has so many contractors that he owes money to and who won't ever work for him.


Funny I came aross this!!!!! Cant speak of the report posted but.....

I started at Emerald Valley Development 2 weeks ago as a Project manager. Second day there was payday for guys working he didnt pay them. Red flag! Today my first paycheck as well as everyone else that is still owed.

Well no checks. I had something to say about that. He fired me for telling him how wrong it is to not pay people that have worked. He owes every one of his vendors he owes every contractor and is trying to pay everyone on a draw of a new construct for another new construct for which he got paid for already.

He has been paid! Where is the money? The only reason someone works is for money. Dana is a worthless self centered piece of ***.

Im putting and end to it Dana is done. I will update this with Doc#s for everyone to check as proof as this carries out. Im giving Dana free life lessons on me.

Will be my pleasure. The train is stopping here.


I know who you both are. SHAME on you both, frustrated at your own short comings that you feel the need to attack someone who only had your best interests at heart. I feel bad for you both.

to Knowing one Portland, Oregon, United States #886162

Dana, you are some intensely sick person. You really believe that you do nothing wrong, don't take advantage and screw people when the evidence is overwelming that you are what we say, you are mentally ill, you are the *** of the earth.

In the end, you will get yours. I wonder how you sleep at night and wonder if you are looking over your shoulder alot you POS!


I totally agree with this. Dana Popick is a evil man, he can forge any docs necessary to get what he wants.

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